Here you'll find links to our school databases, as well as some carefully selected web resources that we recommend. You are welcome to use these at home to help your children with their homework, or just researching topics they find interesting. There's also a few resources that are just fun - your children will be learning without even realising they're doing it. 

NB - access to the databases requires passwords. Please come and see us in the library, or see your child's class teacher to access these passwords.

School Databases

Britannica Online - Britannica is an online encyclopedia best suited for Groups 4 and above. The foundation section is at the level of groups 4-6, the intermediate section for groups 7 and 8, and the advanced section is best suited for secondary students or parents wanting to read about a topic themselves. 

PebbleGo - PebbleGo provides encyclopedia resources for students in groups 1-3.

Storybox Library - Storybox has great quality audio stories, with high quality illustrations and a variety of colourful storytellers, with an Australian flavour.


Borrow Box - Borrow Box is our brand new e-Book and and eAudiobook borrowing platform. This is integrated as part of our catalogue, but is better accessible via the Borrow Box platform. 

Q Files - Q-files is the world's first online encyclopedia specially designed for children. You will enjoy Q-files and find it highly informative and useful for learning, for school homework and projects—or simply for finding out about stuff. 

Websites we like.

In addition to the databases accessible via school subscriptions, there are a number of good websites we recommend for helping your child develop a love for reading and learning. 


Swiggle - Swiggle is a child friendly search engine that your children can use to do research, or just to search for their interests, while staying safe from anything harmful or inappropriate.

International Children's Digital Library - The International Children's Digital Library collection includes 4619 books in 59 languages, so is a great resource for our international community. Students can read a wide variety of stories in their mother tongue, and it's 100% free. They also have an app available for iPhone and iPad users, to make the reading experience even easier.


Storyline Online - Storyline Online takes some of the best picture books out and gives them to a celebrity to read via a youtube video. From Elijah Wood to Betty White, this is a great way to see some familiar faces read great stories aloud. 

NASA kids club - The NASA kids club is packed with games, colouring pages, and activities so your child can have fun and maybe learn a few things on the way.