Meet the team

Lynne Starrenburg is the Teacher Librarian at the ISE Primary Library. With a background in childrens publishing, Mrs Starrenburg has a great knowledge of the library collection, and is the best person to talk to for advice on what you should read next. Mrs Starrenburg is passionate about inspiring the next generation of readers to discover the wonderful world of books.


Mrs Starrenburg works on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.


Alice Haworth is the Multimedia Assistant, Alice looks after the library's technology needs, as well as taking classes with the Nederlands Tweetalig stream and the Group 1 classes.


Alice works on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


Ailsa Greuters is our library assistant. She keeps our library in ship shape condition, manages the volunteers rosters, and the group 2 classes. 

Ailsa works on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.